Creative flow expands our reality

Move toward creative flow


Choose to live more authentically and in balance with your creative flow.  Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is the ability to engage a process of change and growth toward a mentally, spiritually and physically healthy lifestyle to embrace creative living. Incorporating creative practices into our lifestyles supports connection to self expression, creative energy and can support belonging to community .

What is creative living?


In order to live and to grow, we sometimes need to be on an edge of uncertainty to challenge and support innovation. When we engage creative expression we can build upon and feel confident to strive toward a quality life. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive movements in life we need to cultivate our feelings of wellness. Wellness is a direct outcome of knowing and understanding our place in the world and the awareness of the positions we hold within Systems. Systems meaning our interconnection within the networks we are a part of. This could be aspects of ourselves or the relationships in our life. When we embrace wellness, feel  healthy, vital and prosperous we can attract more of those things into our life. We are here to fully live. Spirit energy in human bodies  making real what we aspire  toward and dream about.

Live With Passion & Purpose


To achieve optimal wellness, we need to relax into who we authentically are. We can apply a wellness approach towards our environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, relationships and creative activities. Applying wellness in everyday life will allows us to achieve our full potential and live with passion and purpose. 

We can achieve this through a multitude of ways including singing, dancing, cooking, eating, caring for others, loving ourselves and others  or whatever authentically fuels us with wholesome energy. The more we engage in what delights us, the more we can generate and cultivate the wonderful feelings that accompany these activities. With an abundance of these feelings inside us the more opportunity we have to attract more of the same. If this is not your current experience, it may be time to explore something new. Passion and purpose is the birthright of all of us regardless of our  current or past circumstances.

About Creative Energy Connection

Therapeutic Arts



Systemic Constellation


Performance Art


The healing power of The Arts


Empowerment through The Arts for young people

Therapeutic Arts processes designed specifically to support children's wellbeing. Programs provide young people with resilience tools, affirming experiences and social emotional skills to assist their confident navigation within systems. 

Programs are delivered to small groups on school community sites at a studio location or a preferred private space.

Private consultation is available for individuals at Collingwood studio as requested.


Systemic Constellation Therapy for everyone

Systemic Constellation practice is a phenomenological process that utilises representatives for energies that belong to the person making the inquiry. Representatives receive information from within 'the knowing field' to reveal hidden truths, that when exposed, can release the person from their previous issue, concern or block.

Book into a workshop for support with groups or make a private booking for one to one facilitation.


Performance Art Ritual & Ceremony

Systemic Constellation Therapy

Access hidden truths

Systemic Constellation is all about LOVE & BELONGING.

What may we do for love?

What drives us to do this?

What is hidden from our awareness?

Constellation practice focuses on the basic orders of love in relation to belonging.

Family constellations are a movement, a type of ritual that continues to advance  into other systems.

The primary system focus is on the family. This is the primary family of which there may be, for example, a man, a woman and their children. This primary unit is also inclusive of earlier partners that perhaps energetically, still belong to the family. Our original family is also part of the primary focus and includes our parents and our siblings. 

This is a relatively narrow focus. 

Using this example we see that love follows certain orders, important orders. 

The two basic orders that powerfully impact the family system are that;

'everyone belongs', in which ever way that they do, and that 'everyone has the same right to belong' to have the family be complete. 

There are many families in which certain family members are excluded.

They may be the aborted children, other children who have died or the children who were adopted out. Additionally earlier partners whom may have been rejected may still have unacknowledged energy in the family system. They also belong, always. These are the ones that may be part of the hidden truth that continue to impact a family system.

Restore harmony and balance

Wherever someone is excluded the whole family is affected. 

A particular effect is when excluded family members are represented by other members of the family for example by children. 

This happens when children unconsciously take on the role of a rejected member in an action of love to support completion inside the family system and to service belonging to the system themselves.

For example, there are parents who lovingly care for their daughter, and yet the daughter always appears angry with the father, and he does not know why. 

Through constellation it comes to light that she represents her father’s earlier wife whom the father has since rejected and refuses to acknowledge in any way. 

Once this woman is included again, through energetic representation inside the constellation, with respect, the daughter can become a child again. 

So this is the first basic order: All who belonged will always belong. Furthermore they have the same right to be acknowledged as the other members of the system.

It has become evident in Constellation practise that many illnesses have a connection to an excluded person. 

The illness inside the family system also represents this person. These examples reveal that family constellations are a movement towards reconciliation, so that what was separated can come together again and allow flow where there was blockage.

Create with flow and ease

What is Systemic Constellation?

How is it useful?

Systemic Constellation practices support individuals to resolve immediate or longstanding issues to provide access to healing from trauma, illness or communication and relationship breakdowns. The practice can be used to address fears, anxieties and creative blocks through the release of whatever impedes energetic flow.

Issues may be a personal concern or a workplace or career obstacle. The concern could be related to workplace relationships, a superior that micromanages or bullying from a colleague in the office. The issue may be related to confusion about career direction or fear around what path to take. Often our workplace issues replicate obstacles that may have been present before arriving in specific work environments. Managers or colleagues can sometimes represent earlier unresolved issues with family members or spouses. Our workplace relationships can be representations of our familial relationships. All relationships can offer us information about ourselves and through enquiry can provide valuable information to support our growth and expansion.

SystemicConstellation practices provide access to the energies at play in how we relate.

Through experiential energetic processes, somatic modalities and phenomenological practice, information is made visible to participants supporting a new understanding and knowledge that replaces the old thinking. This knowledge is primarily understood in the body prior to the mind opening to receive it.

Through the recognition of this information, peace and confidence can be restored to support healthy, creative, connected and expansive living.

How does it work?

Systemic Constellations operate inside an energy field that connects us to knowledge from members of our family and ancestors understood as family systems. Information can also be gleaned from other systems of which we are members. These systems may include communities, cultures, organisations, businesses, workplaces, nature or the living system of an individual; body, mind and soul.

What is the 'Knowing Field'?

‘The Knowing Field’ termed by Dr Albrecht Mahr, a physician, psychoanalyst and systems therapist working in this field for over 20 years, permits access to information through representative transference. In my experience, 'The knowing field' could be interchangeable with terms such as  'Universal Knowing', 'The Creative Energy of The Universe' or ' Spirit Knowledge' It is a space that offers information transcending time and place and difficult for us to make intellectual sense of. It is a place where profound wisdom occurs. Our body knowledge has access to this wisdom.

In a Constellation the representations are identified according to an individual’s inquiry about a specific concern they may have.

When volunteers are placed in ‘The Knowing Field’ to represent, for example; an individual’s family members, or a workplace group, the representatives receive thoughts, feelings and body sensations of those they are representing. Through mindful questioning of the representatives, the facilitator supports the unfolding of information and emotions that have been previously hidden. The information revealed addresses the most appropriate need of the individual as identified at the outset of the inquiry.

When we are in *right relationship with our families and other systems, life is free to go on and expand in creative and productive ways.

*right refers to balance, respect and the acknowledgement of hidden truths.