Introducing Creative Energy Connection

Systemic Constellation Facilitator


Michele facilitates Systemic Constellations in groups and with individuals. Systems may include family and/or workplace communities. Issues to constellate may be longstanding disagreements, upsets, illness or concerns amongst family members, parts of self, others or workplace communities.  


Systemic Constellation practice offers access to valuable information in support of peace, flow and authenticity within systems. 

Experience with this modality offers opportunities to recreate a new past for yourself through seeing and feeling truths that were once hidden from your consciousness. The experience supports access and flow to create a new future.  

Experiential Arts exercises are  accompanied  by movement, music and sound.

Art as Therapy


The process of  art making is used as a language to tap into the subconscious knowing. It can reveal symbols that access hidden truths. 

The creative process has potential to offer access to a higher self providing insights and benefits .

Michele has gleaned valuable knowledge and experience working with young people and adults for over 30 years.  She has delivered group programs and workshops  in schools, tertiary institutions, local and remote communities throughout Australia in addition to working with young people in private consultation.

Michele's knowledge and commitment to support transformation through The Arts is well grounded and broadly supported.

She has worked extensively with culturally diverse communities and children with behaviour and thinking differences.

Recently completing 6 years of service as a  co opted member to the Board of Regional Arts Victoria Michele has also previously managed the development of Visual Arts curriculum for schools of Victoria at the VCAA for 6 years.

Therapeutic Arts Programs can be designed specifically for the needs of a group or individual to support well being.

Performance Art Practice


Performance Art is an avenue to practice the craft. 

Michele utilises this work to address concerns around her own personal evolution. Generally the work engages issues of identity and belonging. The intention focus aims to release energy blocks through the process of creating, making and performing. 

Audiences may find the work cathartic, deeply moving, evocative or just fun. 

Performative ceremonies ritualise everyday practices such as washing, cooking and eating. 


Performance with Rocks, House of Bricks final show, Collingwood (2016)

Goatish Behaviour, Performance ritual, House Of Bricks, Collingwood (2015)

Wounded Healer, Performance ritual, House Of Bricks Gallery, Collingwood (2014)

GOAT, Performance ritual, House Of Bricks Gallery, Collingwood (2013)
49 Potatoes, Visual Performance installation, Egg Gallery, Collingwood (2012)

What people are saying


Constellation Workshops


Thank you. I loved your Workshop.  So well thought out and poignant for all participants. Beautifully held and safe.  I loved it. So glad I came to play with you. Linda

Thank YOU so much for a great day/healing experience. Wow! So cool. Very profound and suited me down to the ground! So gentle. I feel really good in my new calm. Serene and Whole. What a powerful place for me to be. I really look forward to attending another constellation soon. Keep me in the loop. Melinda


Michele, the day with you was wonderful and I got a lot out of it. Your skilled and grounded facilitation really helped the process along. You obviously have a lot of passion for this work. Thank you for the work that you do and look forward to participating in more soon. Phoenix


SO lovely to come to constellations with you. Thank you! Cat

Thanks for the workshop, it was wonderful and amazingly great, when is the next one? Chris

Thank you for the experience on Saturday; it was very special for me. I am sure we will cross paths again. Francesca

I feel incredible, alive and confident after my constellation experience. It is profound how everything has fallen into place for me, immediately afterwards, the person I was looking for became available to me. I astounded myself with my own confidence and ease with the situation, I feel like I can make anything happen! Soph.

This is just to thank you for the wonderful rewarding session of Constellations that I had with you. I have not felt this well for years. All my pain is gone and I feel a new person. I glory in what God has done through you for me. I know now the pain of rejection by the family that I felt was identical to the pain that my Great Grandfather went through when he was rejected by his family. I never realised that the emotional and spiritual rejection by the family was what was causing my physical pain. I thank God for the healing process that He is still working in and through me via you. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you in what you are doing.  Esme

Parents of children in Art Extension Programs

Our heartfelt gratitude for the experience Grace had in your Art Extension Program again this year.  It was enjoyable and enriching.  It gave her a place to express her creativity and to connect with children of all ages.  She felt she truly belonged there and it contributed to her personal growth journey.She can’t wait for next year and would love it to happen more often!
Paul and Virginia 

Thank you so much for the care and support you have provided for Sarah in Art extension, she absolutely loves it and is full of confidence and conversations about all her creations.


Thanks for all your work this year and for providing an opportunity for our young people to express themselves through art. Jensen has loved every minute of it. Well done! Danielle

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